Our Promise

A holistic brand that merges science and nature to balance & enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.

Our Logo


As human beings, we are the only ones able to appreciate beauty. We have the ability to view it as the everlasting fire that’s in each and every one of us, as an energy that radiates from the inside out, as a total synchronization between the external and the internal, between body and soul. Through our symbol, we encompass real beauty, the one that sparks from within and shines outward.

Our Name

Our name is a manifestation of both life and beauty, two concepts that are unmistakably linked. Haielle derives from the root words Chai, the symbol of life, and Belle, a universal word for beauty. Our definition of beauty transcends the concept of plain aesthetics – we believe that it encompasses our way of life, of what we are and how we express ourselves, of our interaction with the natural and social environment.

Our Story

Our story begins with three generations of dedication and experience in the beauty industry. Through thick and thin, we’ve adapted to times of change, to migration, to new developments in technology and to a new appreciation for nature.

As a family, we’ve always believed in the healing powers of combining both alternative and conventional medicine – celebrating the best of both worlds. Homeopathy was how we got rid of headaches, acupuncture was how we got rid of muscle aches, and every now and then, we would turn to the traditional over-the-counter solutions. We’ve always been about balance, never extremes.

However, as our journey through life progressed,our family experienced and overcame serious and life threatening illness. This enhanced our awareness of the importance of taking care of ourselves, our health, and our families – understanding that how we treat our bodies and minds has a direct impact on the balance of our lives. We realized how precious life really is. Without our health, there is no spark for life, no real beauty or much hope.

As the industry turned into our passion, we made it our purpose to do our part in taking care of the precious gift that is our health. We began consciously handpicking our ingredients and creating a space where nature and man’s ability to learn from it coexist.

Give Back

Along our fruitful journey, we’ve had the opportunity to be inspired by places and people we wouldn’t have otherwise met. We’ve been fortunate enough to interact with the inhabitants of remote communities that harvest our ingredients, with hardworking employees who have supported us for years, and with all who have contributed greatly to where we are today.

To these people we are immensely grateful and committed to giving back everything they have given us.

Initially, we are collaborating with the following organizations:

Eco products Baobab Pre-school Programme
An initiative which identifies and supports under-resourced pre-schools in the areas where baobab harvesters live.

Innovation Africa
A nonprofit on a mission to bring innovative Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages. They have provided one million people across Africa with access to vaccines, light, and water.

Eliminating the idea of waste

We not only believe in giving our bodies the treatment it deserves, we also believe in giving our planet the same treatment. As we embarked on our journey, we took on a rewarding challenge – elaborate products of the highest quality, while minimizing our carbon footprint. For each one of our decisions, from ingredients, to product development, to packaging, we take into consideration the impact this will have on our environment.

The boxes of our products are made with neenah® folding board paper that complies with the following specifications:

Post Consumer Recycled Fiber

FSC® Certified:
Mark of responsible forestry

Green-e Certified:
Made with 100% renewable green electricity

Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)